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A versatile wrap which can be made according to your taste using your favorite meat or veggies. Excellent as a vegetarian wrap.

Make the slaw dressing and dip ahead of time. Refrigerate overnight and you can assemble these wraps in a snap. Prepare a variety of fillings in advance and invite your friends over for a “Build A Wrap” party.

Recipe by Kohl Jan, Green Fields Market, San Antonio, TX

Prep Time:
30 Min
Assy Time:
5 Min
Ready In:
35 Min


2 Tbsp. Texas Brew Honey Roasted Chipotle Salsa, Mild
1 – 12 inch wrap or tortilla
½ cup Texas Brew Not Your Mommas Cole Slaw mixed 15 minutes prior to making wrap
1 Tbsp. Texas Brew Honey Roasted Spread/Dip
3 slices sliced deli meat (chicken, turkey, roast beef, pastrami, or cut up rotisserie chicken)
3 cheese slices (havarti, pepper jack, provolone, muenster, co-jack or Monterrey jack)
3 to 4 thin avocado slices
1 Tbsp. red onion, chopped
1 fresh lime

Place wrap/tortilla on flat surface. Spread Texas Brew Honey Roasted Spread/Dip in the center of the wrap. Do not spread all the way to the edge. Leave a couple inches on the right and left side for folding.

Spread Medium Texas Brew Honey Roasted Chipotle Salsa on top of the dip. Spread on ½ cup of Texas Brew Not Your Mommas Cole Slaw. Sprinkle on chopped onions. Lay on avocado slices, cheese slices and deli meat respectively. Spritz with fresh lime.

Fold in the edge of the wrap/tortilla on the right and left sides. Pull up the uncovered portion of the wrap/tortilla closest to you and roll over while gently pulling the ingredients toward you as you fold the uncovered flap. Keep pulling and turning until you have folded the wrap completely and the upper uncovered portion is resting on the bottom.

Slice the wrap in the middle on the diagonal. Secure with a gourmet toothpick and serve with chips, sweet pickles and/or olives. You may use an olive as garnish when securing the wrap.

Note: Do not overstuff as it will be hard to roll the wrap.

Suggestion: Bacon crumbs are good with roasted chicken or turkey. Use your favorite meat or make a veggie wrap. For ease and practicality toss spinach leaves or pre-made Cole slaw mix with Texas Brew Not Your Mommas Cole Slaw dressing.

Recipe is in these categories: Appetizers, Quick and Easy, Sandwiches


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