Fish Fry

Take your fried fish up a notch!. This recipe uses Texas Brew Medium to add that special heat to your fish dish. It does not stop there, also mix some right in with you favorite hush puppy mix or recipe.

Recipe by Paul Hostetter, Head Cook, Texas Brew Products Barbeque Team

Prep Time:
20 Min
Cook Time:
Ready In:
30 Min

1 cup Texas Brew Honey Roasted Chipotle Salsa, Medium
1 cup cornmeal
1 cup all purpose flour
1 cup milk
Salt and pepper, to taste

1. Mix together flour, cornmeal, salt and pepper.

2. Combine milk and salsa in a separate bowl. Whisk together.

3. Dip fish in salsa mixture and shake off excess liquid.

4. Roll fish in dry mix and again shake off excess.

5. Place in frying pan or 350 degree deep fryer till golden brown. Fish is pretty well done when it floats. But let it Float for 15-20 seconds.

Hush Puppies

Texas Brew Honey Roasted Chipotle Salsa, Hot
1 package of hush puppy mix of choice or your own personal recipe

1. Substitute water for pureed Texas Brew Honey Roasted Chipotle Salsa, Hot.

2. Roll into 1 inch balls and deep fry till golden brown.

Recipe is in these categories: Fish, Tailgaters


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